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April 29, 2008
Our bathtub had gone uncleaned for nearly 6 months and it had become pretty darn disgusting. The drain was clogged with hair (mostly not mine, I'd say) and all sorts of nasty stuff. Islands of grime had started sprouting from the tub floor. Sentient life forms were evolving and threatening to take over the world. So I felt obligated to do something about it. (Unfortunately I do not have any "before and after" photos.)

Step 1: Unscrew and remove the drain thingie, behold the giant blob of hair and sticky stuff (don't ask), and use up a whole roll of tissue getting all the crap out. Test that drain is now unclogged by opening the tap. Celebrate!

Step 2: Put back drain thingie, stop up the drain, partially fill tub with hot water, step into the tub, and manually try to scrub off all the grime with feet. Open up the drain and flush down grimy water.

Step 3: Think about how to remove the rest of the grime clinging to tub surface for dear life. Have eureka moment and use toilet bowl cleaner and brush! Partially fill tub with hot water, empty half a bottle of toilet cleaner into tub, and scrub with brush like crazy until original white tub floor is fully revealed. To finish off, unplug the drain, step into tub, and rinse off any remaining bits of grime with bare feet.

I was too caught up on my cleaning frenzy to realize that maybe toilet cleaner was not meant to be in contact with human skin... it was diluted, but these chemicals they use nowadays in toilet cleaner are probably strong enough to bring a beluga whale to its knees (if it had any). So yes, friends, I'm still alive... but who knows how long I can hold out before I succumb to toilet-bowl-cleaner-poisoning?


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