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June 26, 2007
Back in September 2006, I wrote about Fukuda Potato Crisps (now being sold in stores as Fukuda Chipz) the one-of-a-kind, no-frills Pringles clone with a wonderful wasabi flavor and a price that won't hurt your pocket. Although I have managed to convince some of my friends to try it out (and most of them liked it as well), I didn't think that my aforementioned blog entry in particular caught the attention of a lot of people.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Friendster message (of all places) yesterday from Gilbert, VP of Sales and Marketing of Richburg Corporation, the local importer and distributor of the Fukuda chips. Here is the meat of the message:
Hi Mark,

I chanced upon reading The Rube Tube, and found out you have tried our products Fukuda Potato Crisp.

We appreciate the comments you have made about the product not because its all positive but its simply the way you constructively explain what you liked about it.

In appreciation of your support to our products, we would like to send you a simple gift pack and samples of our other products.

You may comment on it, good or bad, because we believe that consumers like you are the ones who let us strive harder to make sure that what we put in the market are to the satisfactory of the majority.
You know what, that really, really, really, really, really made my day. How many times do you get a message like that in your inbox? I appreciate their effort to reach out to a single consumer like me, despite the fact that I don't review products for a living and I'm not even pretending to be one. The gesture made me feel important and it also made me feel empowered as a consumer.

Thanks, Gilbert! I'm looking forward to receiving the gift pack soon.

(If you do a search for "fukuda potato crisps", you will find that The RubeTube is first on the list. In fact, if you search with the quotes, then The RubeTube is the only source on the list. Am I the first person to have ever written about Fukuda?)

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June 10, 2007
Our Biggest Loser contest is over and I'm not the biggest loser. Aside from the 500-peso ante, all I lost were a couple of pounds, and around 3 percentage points off of my body fat index. That was far from being competitive. But at least I achieved a few of my goals:
  • Lose a couple of pounds. Doesn't matter how many as long as my weight doesn't creep back up.
  • Look noticeably thinner. My friends and officemates will attest to this; too bad "audience impact" doesn't count.
  • Be conscious of my diet. Never would've thought it'd happen, but I am actually making an effort to understand those "Nutrition Facts".
  • Get into the exercise habit. Gold's Gym really helped out here. In fact, I feel awful whenever I miss out on my regular M-W-F gym days.
I am winner!

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