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August 19, 2007
If you are a Filipino, then I guarantee that your day is sure to be ruined after reading this. Even if you're not a Pinoy I'm pretty sure you'll at least lose your appetite. Read the comments and follow the links and you will find out why everybody hates Malu Fernandez nowadays.
However I forgot that the hub was in Dubai and the majority of the OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) were stationed there. The duty-free shop was overrun with Filipino workers selling cell phones and perfume. Meanwhile, I wanted to slash my wrist at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them.
On my way back, I had to bravely take the economy flight once more. This time I had already resigned myself to being trapped like a sardine in a sardine can with all these OFWs smelling of AXE and Charlie cologne while Jo Malone evaporated into thin air.
All in all, it’s been a pretty good summer. Jetting from the Aegean Sea to the Pacific may sound a bit pretentious until you wake up in economy class smelling like air freshener.
I wasn't planning on blogging tonight or even for the next few days but people like Malu Fernandez can make anyone's blood boil. As if the Philippines wasn't experiencing enough hardship right now without this bitch's derisive attitude towards her own countrymen. Is it possible for a country to disown one of its own citizens? If not, can we make an exception just for her? Punyeta.

After some thought, I've finally figured out why the article was so offensive for me. Sa lahat ba naman kasi ng lalaitin niyang mga tao, mga OFW pa. It's like going to America and making fun of the soldiers stationed in Iraq. Malu, make fun of politicians and celebrities if you like, I might even laugh with you, but at least have some respect for our tireless workers who give us pride and hope and help keep our economy afloat. They make such sacrifices out of need, yet what have you done for our country lately, aside from giving us shame?

(A less venomous commentary can be found here.)

Update: Not sure if this is 100% official/confirmed, but this article reports that Malu has succumbed to the public outrage demanding her resignation! I hope this is the end of this emotionally-charged episode. There are lessons here for all of us, not just Malu (and I have no desire to expound on them at this time).

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29 Responses to “Everybody hates Malu Fernandez”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    here’s a better aticle by Malu Fernandez  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You're nothing but a pig, Malu sure nilalait morin lahat ng pinoy na sumasakay sa tricycle, jeepneys, because you are riding in your expensive hate all who eat tinapa and tuyo..kasi masarap kinakain mo, pati kapwa mo baboy kinakain hate all who study in public schools..kasi nag aral ka sa exclusive hate people who buy their clothes in ukay ukay, kasi mga damit mo signature, un nga lang mukha kang kama na nilagyan ng bed sheet...nilalait mo ang mga laborer na pinapawisan habang nagtatrabaho, at ikaw ay nasa air conditioned room, kasi ang lakas mong mag sebo, sa pag kababoy mo, kelangan frozen ka palagi, para ma preserve ka BABOY!
    gaun oks lang ba na nilalait ka BABOY?  

  3. # Anonymous Pugad Baboy Spokesman




  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    After I read about comments on Malu Fernandez and her disparaging article, I just had to look at how she looks:

    I guess she dishes out uncalled for insults against her fellow pinoys maybe because she also has been insulted. From how she looks, I can now understand. However, the probably psychological trauma of being fat is not an excuse to malign other people. Not all rich people are like her. I don't think her clan belongs to the top ten riches pinoys.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hindi sapat ang pag hingi ng apology ni Malu Fernadez at pagreresign nya. Dapat sa kanya ay wag ng tanggapin ng kahit anong newspaper company sa Pilipinas. Kung sinong kumpanya man ang tatanggap kay Malu ay dapat IBOYCOTT. Maranasan nya ang lupit ng bengga ng pang-mamaliit nya sa mga OFW.

    concern OFW (Jubail, KSA)  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Fat b*tch probably doesn't look in the mirror. These OFWs that you're talking about are practically the people who are saving our economy. So ask yourself, what have you done for your country? Probably none.

    Oh the irony. Someone needs to go on a diet, by the way.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Is she the same person who works for Shopwise?  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous


    from: pinoy in canada!!!  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous


  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Grabe! nakakaloka ang babaing ito! parang di siya nag iisip kung sumulat! feeling niya sobrang yaman niya ganung economy class naman ang ticket niya! buti pa ung ibang OFW sa plane na sinakyan niya nasa Business Class. Naku saksak mo sa baga mo ung Jo Malone Gremlin mas gusto ko ang Gucci kahit di ko kayang bilhin hehehe.  

  11. # Anonymous paulo

    declare malu fernandez persona non grata

    Malu Fernandez’ recent public apology is too little and much too late.

    It was only when public outrage had swelled to tsunami-levels that Malu was compelled to write her apology. I recall that her first response to angry letters over her People Asia “From Boracay to Greece” story was another equally arrogant and insensitive column piece “Am I being a diva? Or do you lack common sense” in the Manila Standard.

    Instead of displaying “acerbic wit”, her stories were simply and blatantly insulting. Her comments about the OFWs in the economy class of her Emirates flight were hurtful and an affront to millions of OFWs, their families and dare we say – the entire Filipino people.

    Malu Fernandez is unpatriotic. She should be declared Persona Non Grata.

    Her Filipino citizenship should be wrenched from her being and passport should be revoked. Her treacherous body should be sentenced to roam the earth forever stateless. Maybe then she can truly internalize the great misery and pain countless overseas Filipinos must deal with daily – just because economic reasons compell them to stay abroad to earn a decent living for their families.

    Along with being incensed at Malu and others who share her views, I also pity them because their pretentious illusions about their self-worth destines them to live a shallow, narrow and self-absorbed life. I am certain that already, their brains are being eaten by the immense amounts of bile their pompous attitude spews into their little heads.

    To People Asia and the Manila Standard, public apologies to OFWs need to be offered by your publications. Although I am all for press freedom, there should also be a line drawn against degrading and discriminatory statements. Malu’s apology should be also be printed and her resignation accepted immediately.

    For all the Filipinos out there who voiced their anger at Malu, bravo! I hope that we all continue to stand up and raise hell whenever and wherever the rights and welfare of OFWs are violated.

    Para sa aking tatlong dakilang kapatid na OFW sa Dubai at iba pang ofw worldwide,


  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Ikaw talaga oink oink Malu. Subukan mong magpunta dito sa Italy at siguradong lilitsunin ka namin. Wala kang mapapagtaguan dito kasi kahit saang sulok ng Roma at Milano may pinoy. At isa pa sobrang taba mo. LET'S TAKE PRIDE IN THE OFW!! Nag-resign na daw sa Mla Standard at People Asia. But that Malu Oink Oink should not be employed by any company at all anymore!!!  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ustong sumikat ng babaeng baklang ito kaya kahit sa masamang paraan isinulat niya at kinalaban pa kaming mga oFW. Nagkamali ka ng kinalaban.Hindi ka yata tinuruan ng iyong mga magulang ng magandang asal kaya asal baboy ka kagaya ng pagmumukha mo. maraming galit sa iyo at dahilan diyan segurado ko mamalasin ka sa buhay sampo ng iyong mga kamag-anak. Sa halip na humingi ka kaagad ng patawad sa aming mga OFW ginalit mo pa kaming lalo kaya yong apology mo hindi acceptable at hindi sincere. Mapapatawad ka lamang naming mga oFW kung ikaww mismo ay magiging isang domestic helper at magtrabaho dito sa Middle East para maranasan mo ang hirap na dinaranas ng mga kababayan mo para makapagpadala lamang ng pera dyan sa Pilipinas. Brutal kang magsalita at masahol ka pa sa walang pinag-aralan. Masama ang budhi mo at ginagamit mo ang mga pahayagan para manlait ng iyong kapwa Pilipino. Isang kang mabahong isda na tinutukoy ni Rizal.Yang gimnawa mong yan ay magiging parusa sa iyong lahi hanggang sa iyong kaapoapuhan maniwala ka. Huli na ang pagsisis mo sinira mo ang aming dignidad na mga OFW na siyang tumutulong para di bumagsaka ang ekonomiya ng bansa. To hell with you!!!  

  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This is purely tactless article from an egositic s _ _ t!

    Hindi lahat ng tao ipinanganak na mayaman. Kung mumurahing perfume man ang kaya naming bilhin ay dahil may mas dapat kaming pagkagastusan like pag aaral ng anak namin nang sa gayon ay maging marangal na mamamayang pilipino sila balang araw.

    Kung ayaw mong makahalubilo ang katulad naming OFW, sana bumili ka ng sarili mong eroplano.  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Bakit pinayagang ma publish ang ganitong nilalaman na article? Para sumikat ang publisher at ang kanilang mga babasahin?

    Hindi ENOUGH na mag resign lang siya, i-ban siya totally dahil magpapalamig lang yan at susulpot na naman.

    Tutal mayaman naman siya, kaya na niyang manahimik habang nabubuhay at pabayaan tayong mga OFW (maging domestic helper man) eh marangal naman ang pagkatao hindi katulad niya.  

  16. # Blogger nizeguy


    noon sabi nila magdamit man ang matsing, matsing parin

    pero ngayon!!


    hak hak hak  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Unlike many who've posted their comments here and in other blogs, it's been only now that I've fully absorbed this whole Malu Fernandez issue - perhaps I was too busy with work here in the scorching desert.

    From an economic and social perspective (I prefer to keep my other unprintable comments to myself), there are a few points that stand out from this whole scandal (if I may call it that):

    1) The OFW phenomenon and its positive contribution to the domestic economy are still misunderstood by many of our countrymen/women. Many don't realize that the OFWs are not a homogenous lot - there are domestic helpers, construction workers, nurses, doctors, bankers, engineers, and yes, cheerful (and helpful, mind you) sales people at Dubai Duty Free. Despite their varying educational and social backgrounds, one thing unites OFWs - a noble cause to help their families, and help the nation in the process.

    2) And this is what some Pinoys who are not direct beneficiaries of these remittances - even by some who have read "anything thicker than a magazine" (borrowing a phrase from Ms Fernandez's Manila Standard column) - may not even realize - that the billions of dollars sent by these OFWs help keep the peso afloat (and even stronger these days) so that our jetsetting countrymen/women could afford those coach (economy class) fares to Greece and that Jo Malone cologne.

    It's a more complex world than what we think it is. Ms Fernandez should have explored the intricate relationships among these economic variables and her taste for foreign travel and expensive (actually it's mid-priced by Dubai standards) perfume and how her fellow Pinoys toiling in foreign lands have "helped" her afford the good life - before writing that bigoted article (her editors should be equally liable).

    Or perhaps she should have flown business class (well, preferably first class - divas fly first class!) - she could taken some economics lessons from the various financial newspapers and magazines on offer there while sipping champagne and enjoying gourmet fare. Tsk..tsk....

    Just my two cents' worth.

    Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

    -An OFW  

  18. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Two words I would use to describe Malu Fernandez:

    No Class.


  19. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I just want to share this youtube video on Malu Fernandez.  

  20. # Blogger Miggy

    its just a bit sad that after the way so many people have been offended by this, all thats gonna happen is that she no longer has that job. Im sure that doesnt really matter to her. i guess i wish it was against the law or something like that so that she actually has to go through some hardships for her fucked up words.  

  21. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Now who thinks that she is so apologetic? Unless I saw her in national TV apologising.  

  22. # Blogger Lester

    I know exactly what you mean. I was also planning to take some time off blogging and log in more hours in bed but when I read Malu's article, I was left with no choice but to blog about it.

    I actually didn't hear about this issue till last week. Medyo huli na sa balita. It's not that easy to follow current events when you're an OFW.

    I hope you can find time to read my post titled, One Voice (An OFW’s reaction to Malu Fernandez’s “From Greece to Boracay”). I posted it here:


  23. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I met her 20 years ago and she made cruel comments about this girl wearing a fake pearl necklace. She was very known during that time for being "mataray". She is so full of herself and it is pathetic that she has not changed over the years. She is just as fat and as bitchy as ever! She still believes with all her heart that Filipino's who work for a living are nothing but "peasants". She deserves all this wrath. She needs to WAKE UP and SMELL THE COFFEE ...Kahit ano pa ang gawin niya, hinding-hindi siya maganda or fabulosa. SIYA AY MATABA AT PANGIT. The sad thing is that she has a bunch of friends who are exactly like her in sentiment. I hope she finds something worthwhile to do with her people...make a contribution. She needs to desperately change because she is too old to be acting like a spoiled child who does not know any better.
    I love all kinds of Filipino's from all walks of life. Filipino's are a gentle noble race, and I am very proud to be one. I know that
    our country has not seen a great leader who will uplift us all, but this is not a reason to think that we are not capable of greatness or that we do not deserve it.
    Malu is a product of Manila society and how they view the rest of the country. This needs to change.
    God bless all the OFW's. They are the salt of the country.  

  24. # Anonymous Anonymous

    She was hated by a lot of people during high school because she was a mean bitch. And mga lalake, ayaw sa kanya kasi ang laki-laki niya. Kung meron siyang makita na babaeng maganda, nilalait niya kasi naiingit siya. Ang sama-sama nang tingin niya sa mga magagandang babae EXCEPT yung mga close friends niya na puro mayayaman at taga Assumption.

    Wala akong narinig tungkol sa kanya na maganda. She was not known for her kindness, instead she was notorious for her TARAY. That is all I remember from high school about this Malu Fernandez. Lots of the negativity surrounds her. It was always "Malu said this horrible thing about this person". She was never a nice. Now, because of her article, the whole world knows that she is a miserable dumb bitch. She has some nerve! The EDITORS and publisher of her article are STUPIDOS and STUPIDAS! I BET SHE GOT THAT JOB BECAUSE OF HER CONNECTIONS!  

  25. # Anonymous Anonymous

    The pig who went to Greece and insult, make fun and look down OFW's. Anyone who knows her address? I'm gonna send her an expensive perfume that she thought OFW's cannot afford to buy. Isa din akong OFW's dito sa New York and stinky like the OFW's she met in the plane. I work 7 days a week with sweat and tears in able to support my mother in the Pinas. And i am proud to be an OFW's Ms. Fernandez. I hope you just slash your wrist in the eroplane. Magdi riwang ang milyong OFW's mula Asia, Europe at US.  

  26. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Miss Malu Fernandez, bakit ganyan ka kung magsalita? samantalang mas marami pa ang mas mayaman sayo pero hindi kaseng mata-pobre mo? eto lesson sayo, always be humble kase palaging may mas nakakataas pa sayo. ayan tuloy napala mo? napahiya ka ngayon?  

  27. # Anonymous Anonymous

    That Malu Fernandez is nothing but a miserable ugly pig who's trying hard to look like a human. Nakakatulog ka pa kaya ng maayos pagkatapos ng mga pinagsususulat mo? I hope not!!!  

  28. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Nah, the "From Boracay..." article did not anger me. Not a bit, even if I used to be an OFW. I can't believe people have overreacted.

    Well, she sure is fat, and the fact that she went 'economy' can only mean one thing. Harharhar.  

  29. # Anonymous Anonymous


    I confess that I fantasize about Malu Fernandez giving me a blow job. With her obesity and huge appetite, I'm sure fellatio is one of her skills.  

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