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July 04, 2007
After 12 years of selling affordable food to cash-strapped AdMU students, Beef Teriyaki in the Gonzaga caf has shut down (yes, the name of the stall is "Beef Teriyaki"). The cause? A student got hospitalized after drinking orange juice spiked with a mothball. It was completely unintentional, of course, unless the concessionaire in the next stall slipped the mothball into the juice in a fit of envy over BT's broad customer base. But in any case, the administration simply had no choice but to close them down for sanitation violations. Look at all the notices plastered all over the place:

With the way they were written, the news article and its accompanying piece (where they ask students their opinion about the whole incident) would actually be quite humorous, if it weren't for the fact that someone almost died and a couple of people lost their jobs. For example, the following paragraph about the victim:
Even if his health was put at risk, the student said that he does not hold a grudge against Beef Teriyaki. He will even write a letter to the administration to have the store re-opened.
The thought of someone holding a grudge against a food stand is absolutely hilarious! And also, it's interesting how he even feels remorse over closing down a store that almost got him killed. Maybe he's afraid of retaliation from the hundreds of BT patrons on campus? And also, this quote from Ate Alma (the friendly photocopying lady at Colayco) is just pure, unintentional comedy gold:
Okay lang para sa akin kaya lang naaawa rin ako kasi nawalan sila ng hanapbuhay, pero hindi kasi sila nag-iingat. Alam naman nilang pagkain ang tinitinda nila at mayaman 'yung mga estudyante kaya maselan 'yung mga tiyan nila. Sa ganyang negosyo kasi, dapat doble ang pag-iingat.
For those who don't read Tagalog, the translation is:
For me, it's okay although I pity those who lost their livelihoods, but they weren't being careful. They know that it's food they're selling and that the students are rich so their stomachs are very sensitive. In that line of business, you have to be doubly careful.
Those poor, poor rich kids with fickle tummies! And here is another opinion from one of the students:
I think it's a shame that an institution, a very critical organ in Ateneo's culture and tradition, must come to an end because of a mistake made by an unwitting and unwilling somebody.
BT was a great boon for the community, but that doesn't make it an "institution" or a "critical organ in Ateneo's culture and tradition". WTF.

As for me, I was saddened that they had to close down. I was a fan of their "breakfast sandwich" (ham, egg, and coleslaw), and at times, I craved for their spicy chicken strips (never liked their signature beef teriyaki though). And if they hadn't closed down, I'm sure their regular customers would still keep coming back; there just aren't a whole lot of affordable places to buy food on campus. But the rules are rules. And I don't think they're making a comeback either; the last concessionaire that was shut down was Paotsin, and they were no slouch either.

Rest in peace, Beef Teriyaki. I'm sure you will be missed. Where oh where will your loyal customers eat lunch now?

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3 Responses to “R.I.P. Beef Teriyaki”

  1. # Blogger Miguel

    Did popular eatery "Beef Teriyaki" deserve to be closed down? Award-winning blogger Mark "Punzki" Punzalan reveals all in his shocking exposé!  

  2. # Blogger Ryan Salvanera

    I had some fond memories from that stall as well. They were the cheap (but pretty tasty) alternative back in my uni days.  

  3. # Anonymous BHIPRo Services

    Pity, the fault of one unwitting employee gave a very sad ending to one of the acclaimed food stall in school, hope that whosoever fault was that should take that as a hard lesson learn, another thing, hope all food stalls not only in ateneo should be alert and put cleanliness as first priority, because people in ateneo has a very delicate stomach, LOL,  

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