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July 14, 2007
My Fukuda gift pack has arrived! It took a few weeks, but I was pleasantly surprised when a truck actually arrived to deliver it at our doorstep! I was stunned!

Holy lords of junk food! The "gift pack" turned out to be two whole boxes of snacks. That's 24 cartons each of Fukuda Potato Stixz (sour cream and onion flavor) and Fukuda Twister Pea Chips (creamy onion and garlic). It's not a lifetime supply of Fukuda Chipz as I had secretly hoped, but at the very least I'll have a lot of ammunition for "merienda treat" at the office.

My thoughts of these products will come some time later, when I've actually given them the taste test. The entire review process will be well documented, of course.

Thanks for pulling through, Gilbert!

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2 Responses to “Fukuda was here!”

  1. # Anonymous BHIPRO Services

    What is this type of food exactly? Is this Japanese junk food? Or am I wrong on that, LOL, hope I could also taste test one of those babies...  

  2. # Blogger punzki

    Yes... although I don't like using the term, it's junk food!  

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