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June 10, 2007
Our Biggest Loser contest is over and I'm not the biggest loser. Aside from the 500-peso ante, all I lost were a couple of pounds, and around 3 percentage points off of my body fat index. That was far from being competitive. But at least I achieved a few of my goals:
  • Lose a couple of pounds. Doesn't matter how many as long as my weight doesn't creep back up.
  • Look noticeably thinner. My friends and officemates will attest to this; too bad "audience impact" doesn't count.
  • Be conscious of my diet. Never would've thought it'd happen, but I am actually making an effort to understand those "Nutrition Facts".
  • Get into the exercise habit. Gold's Gym really helped out here. In fact, I feel awful whenever I miss out on my regular M-W-F gym days.
I am winner!

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2 Responses to “Still a loser, just not the biggest”

  1. # Blogger maikeru

    omedetou gozaimasu! though the competition is over, don't stop now. Instead make it a part of your daily activities after all you still have until christmas.  

  2. # Anonymous Berno

    Well done! I have not been in the gym for awhile. Thanks to your timely post, I will hit the gym tomorrow morning.

    Good luck in keeping the weight off.  

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