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July 31, 2006
Hello. My name is Mark Punzalan. I live in the Philippines, proud home to a booming call center industry and birthplace of Manila folders (I have never seen one of these my whole life). I was born one tragic day on August 22, 1985. I like to write code, surf the Web, watch anime, read science fiction, play the guitar, travel around the world, and solve Rubik's cubes. I am fluent in both English and Filipino, but English is my preferred language when it comes to writing. I am mortified when people use Taglish though I can't help it na at times napapa-Taglish ako.

You can call me Mark, but about half the people I know me as "Punzki". (To my knowledge, I'm the only person in the whole world with such a ridiculous nickname. If you know of someone who claims to be "Punzki", please inform me of the existence of the impostor.) If you live on the planet Earth, you will probably meet at least a dozen people named "Mark" in your lifetime. That's why many Marks need a separate nickname to distinguish themselves from the other lesser Marks. As a not-so-strict rule, the people who call me "Mark" are the people personally close to me, or maybe I'm just the only Mark they know. If you call me "Punzki", it's probably because you only know of my existence on the Internet (thank goodness for such a wonderfully unique username), or you have too many friends called Mark.

This is my first blog entry, but I'm actually on old hand at blogging. My original blog (Rubik's Redemption) can be found on theSpoke. I'm moving over to Blogger because it seems a helluva lot easier to use and I can customize my blog's appearance to my liking.

I really wish that I could write more about myself, but I've been laboring at this blog entry for too long already, making sure that it's interesting enough for you to visit my blog again. Not to mention I'm incredibly obsessive-compulsive when it comes to writing a good ending that doesn't leave one hanging.

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